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Seabreeze Windows are a proud supplier and distributor of Breezway Louvre Windows.

With over 85 years of experience, Breezway Louvre Windows are ideal for any residential or commercial application as they are the energy efficient window option for bringing natural light and fresh air into sustainable building designs. With blades that open close to horizontal, Breezway Altair Louvres allow fresh air to naturally reduce the indoor temperature of the building, refreshing building occupants and reducing the need for power hungry air-conditioning systems.

When closed, Altair Louvres seal tight and are cyclone rated to provide superior wind and water performance.

Breezway Louvres can be customised to suit most sizes and configurations, offering a range of frame types, handle options, blade types, colours, award-winning automation, security options and so much more.

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Altair Louvres can be fitted into a variety of window systems in different configurations or can be supplied as componentry for installation into timber or commercial framing.

  • Easyscreen™ Window System– an aluminium framing option that is suitable for all building types and offers external screening.
  • Innoscreen® Window System– an aluminium framing option with a provision for a screen to the inside of the window to keep that ‘louvre look’ and optimise the external aesthetics of the building.
  • SL2® Window System– an aluminium framing option developed to suit narrow frame applications and installation into concrete block construction when screening is not required.
  • Dualair™ Secondary Glazed System– a high performance secondary glazed louvre component system designed for use in commercial buildings.


Altair Powerlouvre™ System

Award-winning, sophisticated automated louvre ideal for out-of-reach locations.

Altair Stronghold® System

Add extra strength and safety with mechanically retained blades without obstructing outdoor views.

Altair IGLU® System

NEW Double Glazed Louvre System offering improved thermal and acoustic performance.



Whether you prefer pulling a handle or pushing a button Breezway has a louvre window perfect for you.

Consider the functionality of your window or the needs of the user when choosing a control method that will best suit the needs of each window.

Handle positions can be varied to allow windows of different sizes and at different heights to be matched or to allow handles to be moved lower or higher, left or right depending on the individual requirement. 

TIP: Colour match your handles to your louvre clips and frames.


Glass blades – Full views and maximum sunlight. Tinted and obscure glass also available.

Timber blades– Reduces heat and provides privacy with ventilation.

Aluminium blades – Various colours available. Provides privacy with ventilation.


Energy Efficiency of Breezway Louvre Windows: 

Ventilation Rates and Energy Efficiency of Various Window Types: 

Cyclone Yasi


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